Why Financial Planning?

A Penny saved is a Penny earned.

By Definition Financial Planning is a process to help you achieve your financial goals

Financial Planning helps you invest your money more effeciently, plan for emergencies,events in your life time and also helps you invest in a balanced portfolio.

Services Offered

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Retirement Planning

Plan with our Investment Advisor
And retire much earlier

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Insurance Advisor

Ensure the right insurance for yourself and your loved ones.

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Financial Tools

Free Tax Planning, Retirement, Investment
And Growth Planning Tools

How it works

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Build your financial profile and select the service you want.
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Our algorithm analysis the profile and builds the portfolio for you
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Our Financial Planner analysis the algorithm output and makes any changes if required.
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Our Financial planner then schedules a call with you to explain the portfolio and deliver the report to you.

Why Bodhik

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Patent Pending Algorithm

Portfolio Design With
a patent pending algorithm

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Best in Line Advisors

Our Financial Advisors are vetted
with vast industry experience.

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Time and Money Savings , Save
upto 50 % on Consultation Fee

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Everything on your

Convinced ? Consult Our Expert Consultant Now Free

Advisory Services Offered

Financial Planner

Our Robo Financial Planner analyzes your profile and helps you with the steps required to meet your goals just like your personal Financial Planner. Whether it is about planning your retirement, Investing in Mutual Funds or buying Insurance our robo advisor will help you build the portfolio required for each of your goals. Our Financial Advisory Services Team will then get in touch with you to explain the output of Robo Advisor.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a saving practice that ensures an individual’s financial independence wherein he allocates his savings for retirement. This provides factors that help improve the individual’s readiness to retire. It helps him to plan his finances better.Every one dreams of Retiring Early. However retirement planning requires forseeing 20-30 years into future and planning what you will need at the time you retire. Our Robo Retirement Planner helps you figure out a plan for all the major events like Emergency Fund, Insurance Planning, Retirement Corpus, Children Education/Marriage, House Buying etc.

Insurance Advisors

As per studies, there are 95% uninsured or under insured people in India. Most of the people are uninsured or under insured because traditionally its very difficult to determine type and amount of Insurance required. Our Robo Insurance Advisor will help you analyse the risk and determine the amount and type of Insurance Required seemlessly. Our Insurance Advisory Services Team will then get in touch with you to explain the Output by Robo Advisor

Mutual Fund Advisor

Our proprietary Robo Advisor determines the mutual funds(both debt/equity only) suited to your risks and goals. Our Mutual Funds Advisor algorithm takes both past and future metrices well into account to devise a portfolio well aligned with your profile.

Financial planning tools

Planning your expenses and savings is one important money management practice that we all must know about. You may manage your money by calculating and reassessing your retirement, lifetime income, social security, healthcare, life insurance, life expectancy, family needs, etc.