FAQ general questions

Getting Started as consultant on Bodhik is easy.

After doing the above steps, one of our team members will review your profile and will contact you if required for amendments. Once they approve your profile, you will start getting Bodhik Text Queries and Appointments.

Please note that you must have access to 4Mbps Broadband connection to start receiving the calls. The system will detect your broadband speed first time you login to the app.

Yes, It is mandatory for consultants to download the mobile app because the notifications regarding the task assignment will come on the app only. You can download the app from here.

Bodhik charges the user at the end of the call. Getting paid as a consultant is simple on Bodhik. Your billing period begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Your funds are available 10 days later in Bodhik Escrow.

As soon as your funds are available in the escrow, you can initiate a request to transfer funds to your bank account.

We charge a Flat Rs 10 per transfer request.
The payout varies between the various consulting categories. Please check Bodhik Pricing page for the charges to the user in your category. Bodhik keeps its fee and transfers the rest for you for the call.
Free queries help you build your profile on queries. The algorithm is more likely to assign a paid query to someone who is active and participates regularly on the application.
Bodhik Charges a flat 20% of the call fees.