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SBI SIP Calculator

SBI SIP Calculator or more appropriately SBI Mutual fund SIP Calculator help you calculate returns on your SIP Investments for different schemes of SBI Mutual fund. Returns calculated are XIRR returns. Know more about XIRR Returns.
    Here is how you can calculate SIP returns for SBI Mutual funds
  1. Enter your monthly SIP .
  2. From the Drop down choose your mutual scheme .
  3. Enter your date of SIP Start .
  4. Enter SIP end date or give current date for till date returns .
  5. Click on Calculate button and see the magic happen
You will see the absolute values and also the graph of how your SIP investments went ahead.
You can click on top performing funds SBI funds from below also to quickly calculate SIP returns.
Scheme Name Type Returns 1Y Returns 3Y Returns 5Y Action

About SBI SIP Calculator

SBI Mutual fund is one of the top most mutual fund companies in India. SIP stands for systematic Investment plan which is nothing but periodic (monthly or quarterly etc.) regular investments in mutual funds. SIP helps you to average your cost of investing and reduces need to time the market.
With SBI SIP Calculator you can calculate XIRR returns on your mutual funds. XIRR stands for Extended Internal rate of return. XIRR is used to calculate returns when your investments are spread over time. For SIP returns this is the best way to calculate returns.
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