Mutual Funds Calculator

Mutual Fund Returns calculator is a calculator that helps you calculate the returns on your mutual fund investments.

Mutual Funds Calculator is an online tool to visualize the returns and future value of a Mutual Fund investment. It takes into account the investment value, the expected return rate and the tenure that you want to stay invested for. It will visualize the returns in the form of graph of the future value of your investment in a given tenure. Please note that mutual funds investments are subject to market risk and the final maturity value may differ a lot from the actual maturity value. The returns that you assume also plays an in important part since even 0.5% return differnce may lead to a huge gap in the future value of mutual fund. Right now, the mutual funds calculator assumes that investment was made in the form of Systematic investment Plan(SIP). Read here what is SIP

How does Mutual Funds Calculator work ?

Mutual Funds Calculator take into account the recurring investment that you made in mutual fund schemes and the tenure for which the investment was made. It then applies the formula for calculating the future value of annuity to obtain the final value at the end of tenure at the expected rate of return. You can read more about Future value of annuity on investopedia.

What are the uses of Mutual Funds Calculator ?

  • With mutual funds calculator, one can calculate the amount of corpus that will be generated with a certain investment per month which is otherwise difficult to comprehend because of compounding effect.
  • Mutual Fund Returns Calculator helps you to calculate if your mutual fund is performing as expected.
  • Mutual Funds Return Calculator helps you calculate the amount of investment you need to make per month to achieve certain financial goals in life.
  • Mutual funds return calculator helps you to optimize your savings for your children education and marriage.
  • Mutual funds return calculator helps you to optimize your savings for your retirement. It can very well act as a retirement calculator for you.

Different kind of Mutual Funds calculator

  • SIP Calculator
    A SIP Calculator helps you calculate the final future value of your recurring investment into mutual fund SIPs. This can help you envision on how much you need to save if you want to build a certain amount of corpus.
  • ELSS Calculator
    ELSS mutual funds offer an option for tax efficient 80 c investments. Investments made, principal and capital gains at maturity all 3 attract income tax exepmtions hence ELSS offers good investment option for tax saving.
    ELSS Calculator helps you plan your tax saving along with the returns that you can expect at a particular tenure. Know more about ELSS mutual Funds here ELSS Guide
  • Retirement Calculator
    Retirement Calculator help you to calculate how much SIP do you need for a particular retirement savings. You can then save as per that pattern.
  • Children Education Calculator
    Child Education Calculator help you to calculate the amount of money that you will need for your child's education and then plan your SIP as per that data.
  • Child Marriage Expense Calculator
    Child Marriage is again an expense and one needs to plan well in advance for the child marriage expense. Child Marriage Calculator then helps to calculate the amount required to put in SIP for a good corpus at the time of child marriage.

FAQs About Mutual Funds Calculator

  • Can you refer some good mutual funds calculator?
    Some good mutual funds calculator are:
    • SIP Calculator on Bodhik: This is a basic future value calculator on SIP
    • Money Control SIP Calculator here, in case you are looking for some calculator to calculate returns on a given SIP
  • How much should i invest in a Mutual Fund ?
    This completely depends upon the individual's goals and their saving capacity. You should always invest in Mutual Funds only for meeting long term goals of life and should not shy away from exiting if the goal is met.
  • How much ammount can i invest in a mutual fund?
    You can invest as much as you like. You can setup SIP at the timings of your convenience as well i.e Monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, annually. You can even skip a SIP installment or cancel it altogether if you want to.

How to calculate Mutual Fund returns and maturity amount ?

Mutual Fund returns and maturity completely depands on market factors. However, if you use our above SIP future value calculator, you can know the amount of money that you can have at the end of your SIP tenure assuming a given SIP return that you expect.

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