Online PPF Calculator

PPF Calculator helps you calculate the interest and amount maturity.

PPF Calculator is a general online tool to do calculations for PPF interest, maturity over a particular time period. The tool is mostly useful to visualize the amount that you should expect in your PPF Account over a particular time period. It plots an easy to understand graph to help you visualize the growth of your money deposited in PPF Account. Just put in the values below and visualize your PPF Savings.

What is PPF Account?

PPF(Public Provident fund) is a saving scheme that comes with tax benefits. Ministry of Finance introduced this scheme in the year 1968. The main objective of PPF is to encourage general people to mobilize their small savings. The interest offered on these schemes are not taxable. Precisely, PPF is an investment with non-taxable returns. The scheme is categorized popularly as EEE(Exempt-Exempt-Exempt) scheme.

Key things you should know about Public Provident Fund(PPF)

  • Current Interest Rate: 8.0%
  • Interest Rate Review: Every Quarter
  • Scheme Duration: 15 years
  • Number of Accounts per person: 1
  • Minimum Deposit Amount per year: ₹500
  • Lock-in Period: 15 years
  • Tax Saving: ₹1.5Lacs under 80c
  • Tax Treatment: Exempt/Exempt/Exempt (Investments, Principal and Interest all 3 are exempt)

Benefits of PPF Account

  • Easy to open and operate the account
    It is very easy to open and operate a PPF account. PPF accounts can be opened in all public sector banks, select private sector banks and also at post office. There are n pre-conditions any Indian national irrespective of age or income can open one. Minimum annual contribution required is ₹500
  • Best in class tax exemptions
    Investments made, principal and interest at maturity all 3 attract income tax exepmtions hence PPF offers EEE mode for your investments .
  • Interest Rates higher than Fixed deposits
    Traditionally PPF accounts have enjoyed higher interest rates than other long term instruments like Fixed deposits etc
  • Low Risk
    PPF investments are backed by government of India and hence are not risky atall. Some of the alternatives like ELSS schemes invest in equity mutual funds and are hence more risky
  • Exemption from debt or liability or any kind of wealth tax
    PPF investments corpus are exempt from any liability or debt proceedings in court where your assets might be attached. PPF corpus is also exempt from wealth tax.
  • Loans against PPF accounts
    You can take a loan against PPF . Infact loans against PPF ( which are capped by your PPF balance) can come at lower interest than regular personal loans. This is a great way to get short term loans
  • You can open a PPF account for your Kids
    PPF accounts can be opened for minors and works in the same way as it works for adults.

FAQs About PPF Account and PPF Account Calculator

  • What are alternative investment options to PPF calculator?
    PPF provides two kind of benefits one it helps create long term retirement corpus, secondly it provides a great way to save taxes. Some of the alternatives to PPF are NPS and ELSS schemes
  • How are PPF interest rates compounded ?
    PPF interest rates are compounded annually, while interest is calculated every month on your principal it is added back to your principal at the end of the year which in turn becomes principal for next year.
  • ELSS Vs PPF , Where should I invest?
    Traditionally PPF accounts have enjoyed higher interest rates than other long term instruments like Fixed deposits etc
  • Low Risk
    You can read our post on ELSS v/s PPF
  • How many installments can i make in a year to my PPF account?
    You can make a maximum of 12 installments in a year.?

How to calculate PPF interest and maturity amount ?

Just put in the investment amount that you put per year in the following form and it will give you year by year interest and maturity amount !!