Why Bodhik

We help you achieve your financial goals

Personalized Advice

  • Personalized Risk Assessment
  • Ongoing Rebalancing
  • Right Portfolio and Investment Amount

Smarter Portfolios

  • Backed by sound research
  • No human bias
  • Constant monitoring to get better

Convenient and Time Saving

  • Reduced Paperwork
  • Track and manage online
  • We do the research saving your time

Why Bodhik for Retirement Planning?

Smart people start early


Personalized Plans

Bodhik helps you create a plan customized to your lifestyle and post retirement goals


Track And Rebalance

Not a one time exercise but we keep on updating your plan and rebalancing it regularly so that you are on track for your goals


Integrate with Financial Goals

Our Patent pending financial algorithm helps you integrate your retirement planning with your risk profile and also your other financial goals.

How it works

Just a few clicks from the comfort of your home!

  • Select your Goals

    • Tell us a bit about yourself
    • Check our suggested Goals
    • Select your goal
  • Build personalized portfolio

    • Select mutual funds for your Goal.
    • Build your portfolio
  • Invest Online

    • Select the amount for each investment instrument
    • Invest at the click of a button
  • Track Performance

    • Track the performance of your investment
    • Track the progress of your goal

Frequently asked questions about Retirement Planning

Here is a list of top FAQs that we get about Retirement Planning

What is Retirement Planning ?

Retirement planning is set of financial planning activities one does to ensure a secure and comfortable retired life. Key activities in retirement planning include understanding your retirement needs, setting up goals and finally creating an investment plan to achieve those goals.

When should i start planning for my retirement?

As early as possible, earlier you start better it is. If possible right after your start your job, otherwise its never too late anytime either !

How do i create a great retirement plan?

A great retirement plan start with figuring our how your lifestyle will look like when you retire. Then you punch in inflation to arrive at your monthly expenses post retirement, which helps you arrive at your retirement corpus. Next step is to create an investment plan which helps you achieve these Financial goals. For more details read our post on How to create a retirement plan which works

How do i save for Retirement ?

Well you do not save money for retirement , you invest in right instruments so that you have adequate financial resources available for a comfortable post retirement life, Kind of investments you make depends on your risk profile, age and return expectation, In general you start with ensuring that net of inflation you get a positive return, secondly you want to ensure that you have a diversified debt and equity portfolio, within equity your risk exposure should be balanced.

How do Retirement calculators work ?

Retirement calculators helps you calculate a retirement corpus and how much you need to invest to achieve the corpus. Some of the drawbacks of these retirement calculators

How can I retire at 40 ?

Depends on how much you earn, what is the lifestyle you want to maintain for more details read our blog post on How to retire early.